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Member's duty responsiblities

Introduction to duty

At the beginning of each season all members will be able to select their duties for at least the first half of the year using DutyMan.

Most years we find that each member has to be on duty twice a year, together with other members.

Below is  ageneral guide to duty responsibilities.

More detailed information is available on these pages:

RIB duty

Safety crew / helm duty

Officer of the Day duty

Galley duty

Working as a team

The Officer of the Day (OoD) is responsible for all of the duty team on the day.

They need to delegate all of the duties for the day, noting that all the duty team have a shared responsibility to assist each other throughout the day

What does being on duty mean?

It involves running the Club for the day – organising races, manning the safety boats and the galley, and also includes opening up and closing down at end of day.

If you’ve never done a duty before and you are not sure what to do, don’t worry. More experienced Club members will always help out and show you what’s required.

BUT DO PLEASE TURN UP, otherwise it means someone else having to give up their day’s sailing to step in for members who do not turn up.

Opening up

Arrive early (10.00 a.m.) to open up clubhouse and get boats ready, etc. The Officer of the day (OoD) is responsible for obtaining the keys from Welsh Water Visitor Centre (Ranger’s office on production of membership card).

Open up clubhouse, OoD’s hut, boat house and put safety boat(s) on water. Be flexible and rotate, especially galley, if that’s what the duty team wants.

PLEASE REMEMBER that you may be needed on the water, so bring your sailing clothing

Closing down

Stow away racing equipment, complete day log and results sheet.

Stow safety boat(s), engines and all other gear.

Tidy galley, sweep clean and tidy clubroom and changing rooms and clean WCs and dispose of rubbish at Welsh Water skip located in car park by the Visitor Centre.

Ensure the following are locked and keys returned:

OoD’s hut, fuel store, orange O boat locked in container, garage, containerspontoon gates, clubhouse, gate.

Please make sure that all the VHF radios are back on the charging dock in the clubhouse and the kill-cords are on their hooks in the wall cupboard behind the notice boards.

Duty day not convenient?

Swap procedure: please remember that it is your responsibility to arrange a duty swap. To help the Club run smoothly, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Contact a suitable member to arrange the swap . (Please remember that if you are on the rota as safety boat skipper then the person you swap with must also be qualified)
  1. Telephone or email the Membership Secretary to inform them of the swap.
  2. Telephone or email the Duty Officer for that day and give them the details.

Thank you for your help.