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Enquiries regarding membership will be answered by Ben, our Membership Secretary.

Fees for the 2024 season are:

Club membership

Adult: £161
Family: £230
Junior / student: £50
Guardian (only one guardian fee is payable regardless of the number of junior / student members per family): £13

Responsibilities of membership consist of abiding by Welsh Water’s bye-laws and contributing a couple of duties each season.

Renewal fees

The above charges apply to those paying their fees before 28 February.

For those paying after that date, an administrative charge will be added to the fee as follows:

Adult & family membership: £35
Junior / student membership: £20

All new members joining before 31 August will be charged the standard fee.

Boat hire

Single handers ( (PICO / Topper / Oppy): no charge
Double handers (Xenon): £7

Other charges

Cruiser container / sail locker: £35
Boat parking / cruiser mooring – Summer: £65
Cruiser trailer parking – Summer (payable if cruiser trailer left on site in Summer): £40
Boat parking / cruiser trailer – Winter: £120
Day membership (non RYA member; per boat): £21
Day membership (RYA member, including members of RYA affiliated clubs): £10
New member mooring deposit: £125
Group membership – priced on an individual basis, subject to Committee approval. (A late renewal charge of £60 will be added to any invoice unpaid as at 29 February.)

To join, click here.

Dinghies on the slipway at Llyn Brenig Sailing Club.