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Welcome to the Llyn Brenig Sailing Club website. Here you can find out what we do, how to join and once you are a member what’s going on with the latest news and all the useful information that helps you get the most from your membership of our friendly club.

We aim to get back to sailing soon. Please see the news section of the site for the latest information on what we are planning.

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  1. Andrew. Yes, that is a brilliant start. I am not very techy, but do we have a strategy for how we keep things up to date? Bri

    1. Dear Brian,
      I am still learning WordPress but I think asking each person who has a stake in the content (Hon Sec /Membership sec / Training Principal / News editor/ Sailing Captain) to keep their own bit up to date will be the way to do it.

  2. Andrew, just had a look at the new website site and it is excellent. Proper job as they say in Cornwall.

  3. Thanks Paul,
    The ability to put content into the website easily is all thanks to WordPress. When we get going properly I will encourage the secretaries and news editor to edit their bits as you can enable editor rights.

  4. Excellent Andrew, thank you. I will comment if you don’t mind about the picture of the lake showing the restricted areas. I was only aware of two, as marked on the lakes angling map, the nature reserve at the head of the Northern arm and and the 100 yards adjacent to the dam, incidentally I’ve always considered and have advised accordingly visiting sailors not to sail further toward the dam than a line 100 yards south of a line between buoys 7 and 9.
    I and many other cruiser sailors have sailed many times up the Northern Arm and a few times up the Brenig Arm but never much further than the old sailing club slipway, it gets too narrow after that. I and other cruiser sailors would be very disappointed if both of these Arms were to be considered restricted as would anyone looking at the website.
    So why are these areas restricted? Is it in our constitution or the terms of our lease, or maybe it’s something new from Welsh Water?
    Please advise.

  5. I also think the restricted area on the nature reserve arm seems to have grown since I last looked at a graphic of it. I don’t understand why there is this restriction anyway – there is no such rule applied to the fishermen in their motorboats which are more polluting both from a noise and chemical point of view than a sailing boat.
    I have raised this question with Welsh Wildlife Trust staff several times and been told that they don’t understand what the reason for it either. I wonder if the question could be raised with Welsh Water at a convenient time? It provides an interesting area for us to explore without damaging the environment.

    1. Dear Chris,
      It was a mistake on my part when
      I was assembling the graphics to get the new website up and running last December. I will redo it with the correct restricted areas applied to let you go up the creek again!

  6. Dear Will, We need to consider how we can help you get your cruiser on the lake whilst making allowance for your experience. The current COVID restrictions make this tricky. If you need to chat with us come over on Sunday lunchtime.

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