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Galley duty

Working as a team

The Officer of the Day (OoD) is responsible for delegating duties for the day but all members on duty have a shared responsibility to work as a team throughout the day.

Before you arrive

If you can donate a home made cake for lunch it could be sold to raise funds for the club.

When you arrive

The Club keys contain the blue capped key. This fits the grey metal food cupboard in the dining room

Fill the water boiler and put on boil. Once boiled it will simmer at a setting of 4/5

Put the petty cash box in the drawer and the Galley Credit Tab and Lunch Forms (envelope on microwave) on the counter so members can order lunches. They have until the first race (usually 11.30 am) to order

Put fresh towels by the hand basins in the Galley and men’s and ladies changing rooms, replenish the toilet rolls and replace plastic bin bags

Set out the perishable food from the food cupboard on the front of the counter (ie, cans, chocolate biscuits/bars etc) and the tea/coffee/cup-a-soup/hot chocolate by the water boiler. The salt/sauces and cutlery tray go by the white board

Make drinks for members when asked. Members on duty have hot drinks free of charge

Members will order meals before they go on the water, see instructions in Galley for heating Pies etc. Serve the meals when the first sailors arrive as the second race usually starts at 1.30 pm

Have your own lunch when the rush has gone, then collect the plates/mugs/cutlery (sometimes found downstairs or in the changing rooms) and start the washing up, then wipe round and put all food away

Before you leave

Wipe galley/dining room and gent’s/ladies changing room floors or, if particularly wet, use the electric floor cleaner

Collect the towels/tea towels and take them home to wash (remember to bring back the next Sunday!

Put all rubbish in the bins, then collect the bin bags and deposit in skip by the top car park at the Visitor Centre (or home if more convenient)