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Safety crew / helm duty

Working as a team

Remember to bring your sailing clothes!

On arrival at the club at 10:00am, you should make yourself known to the Officer of the Day (OoD) and ready the safety boats.

Equipment required for a safety boat is :
(i) Anchor (in the RIB)
(ii) Float on a line
(iii) Oars or paddles
(iv) Exposure bags
(v) Bucket
(vi) Petrol can (tied down)
(vii) Towing line

Your first job after putting the boat on the water is to check that the marks required for racing are in their correct location and to assist the OoD with information about wind direction on the lake. You may be required to move marks about on the OoD’s instructions.

You are reminded that there should be NO joyriding around the lake – it is an annoyance to other lake users and a waste of valuable and expensive fuel.

For tips on safety boat activities you are advised to read the Safety Guide, Pages 1- 5 of the Club Manual.

At the end of the day you are expected to put all the kit away and notify the OoD of any incidents or faulty equipment. If fuel supplies are low please inform the OoD or the Bosun. You will also be required to assist the remainder of the duty team in the general clear up.