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The Glorious 12th! – No, not the start of the grouse season – our first chance to get back to the Club since coronavirus struck. What’s more the sun shone and a gentle breeze blew from the West. Both the big RIBs are now on their moorings. We had to mount a rescue mission to retrieve buoy No 6 from the shore on the far side of the lake – perhaps a testimony to the strength of the wind in the past few weeks. The Club is all ready to go with no damage to any of the boats in the boat park.

In an extreme attempt at social distancing Andy Davey put some clear water between him and the rest of the membership. (Looks rather pleased with himself – I think). The Watsons are the first cruiser on a mooring this year with the Scouts Drascombe Gig also on a mooring.

Many thanks to Matt Seddon for sorting out some long lever taps for the changing room wash basins. A sink next to the tap outside is also planned. Please remember that the loos are functional but the galley and changing facilities are not yet restored. Please bring your own soap, hand towel and be prepared to change by you car or at home.

The water level is not fully back up but there is enough depth to launch cruisers with several members attending the club to work on their boats in readiness.

See you next week end.

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