A Message from the Commodore

Dear Member

I hope you are all keeping safe and well and are looking forward to being on the Brenig waters again.

Finalisation of that date is in the hands of the Welsh First Minister raising the 5 mile travel limit, but we are provisionally looking at:

12th July – Reserved for sorting out the practicalities on site

19th July – Free Sailing and getting all procedures bedded in 

26th July – Free Sailing

2nd August  – Racing

So we have had many hours of Team meetings with a sub committee devoted to the problem of keeping you all safe. I am indebted to Andy Davey for his help in being web maestro and chief clerk of the document that has resulted. This has been the dissemination of many Sailing Club documents and RYA pronouncements.

We have had the careful input from the medical profession and many different walks of life, SO

Please read it carefully and note your responsibilities contained therein. Particularly the requirement for you to self certify BEFORE your first sail!

I am also asking you to look at the Club’s risk assessment document which is in draft form. You all need to be aware of this. If anyone has any further points to raise, then please do so. It is a living document and can be updated at any time. Welsh Water have approved the special sections added for Covid 19 matters.

If there is anyone among you who has experience of looking after such matters and would like to take the job on of H & S matters at the Club, then please let me know. We shall be dealing with this at the next meeting and will approve it then.

We await the Welsh Government decision and hopefully Happy Sailing for you thereafter.

Yours sincerely

Ben Morris


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