Programme 2021 (and 2022!)

The current version of the programme was released on 17th July and is here.

And 2022 is here

Commentary on Sailing programme 2022 draft 4

  1. Scouts dates: [These dates have been requested from Errol]
    There are three Scouts weekends
    – May, July and September – same as usual.
    The other scouts dates are either on Saturdays or weekdays and all are training days.

  2. The Ice Breaker series in March has been reinstated.
    This has not been particularly successful mainly due to the weather but next March may be mild and members would regret not having it in the programme. Note that
    1. There would be no programmed OoD so it would be DiY and
    2. because there is no programmed OoD, the races are Pursuit only. This is because it is possible for all racers to be afloat and all can self-start timed from the first boat off.

  3. Similarly for the Wilson Icicle The same as (a) and (b) above.

  4. New to 2022 are an additional two one-day events [REGATTAS].
    The programme usually has FOUR – April Fool, Spring [May], Summer [June] and Autumn [Sept. Admiral of the Dee]. The last regatta [Autumn – Admiral of the Dee was very successful], The 2022 programme adds two additional one day events, each in July and October. The thinking is that the one-day event focusses on the single day of racing and at the end of the day a small presentation of modest prizes for the first three boats could be provided. This is in contrast to the various Series events many of which last for several weeks. August is missed out as many members are likely to be on holiday.

  5. Power boat training;
    Some dates have been inserted These can be later be confirmed or otherwise.

  6. Sail Training for members
    The Sail Training for members in 2021 was very successful. The 2022 programme has this repeated on 29th May.

  7. Other training: These haven’t been included in the past largely because the dates and details are comparatively short noticed. However, if dates and details are provided, then these could possibly be added to the programme. Alternatively, a separate training programme from the sailing programme could be published. This would have all training included. The main benefit would be that two documents might be easier to decipher. Co-ordination should be straightforward. There has never been a conflict between the two programmes.
    Should there be a wish to do this, it is logical that the published training programme would be run by the Training Officer. – perhaps a question to the Training Officer.
  8. Women on the Water day:
    This didn’t happen in 2021. Is there a wish to try to run it in 2022? : A draft date of Saturday 21st May is included.

  9. Rally GB:
    Research has suggested that the Rally GB will NOT take place in Wales let alone Brenig in 2022.

  10. Opening up and Close down:
    The nearest dates to 2021 for the Opening up and AGM and close down working parties. Are included in the 2022 programme.

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