Introductory & welcome event for new dinghy and cruiser sailing members

Calling all new dinghy and cruiser sailors! Last year we were asked to put on some introductory training for new dinghy and cruiser sailors at the club, but it was not possible because of Covid-19. We find there’s a gap in this year’s racing programme this coming weekend and we are pleased we can now allow this to happen.

In brief we are holding an introductory & welcome event for new dinghy and cruiser sailing members this coming Sunday, 25th July. Is there anything you would like help with at the club so that you can get the best out of your membership?

– access to and rigging club boats – joining in racing – starts, courses, basic rules, etc – doing duty sessions at the club – Officer of the Day, Patrol Boat helm, galley (if we ever get to open safely!) – anything else at all??
Please sign up at the event on the club’s Facebook Group Members Only pages so we have an idea of how many people are coming and please add comments to say what you hope to get out of the day, so we can do some planning.

Hunt for Red October – Actually No, Just some Leisure 17 Sails

Will North Korea's missile subs spur new 'Hunt for Red October'? - Asia  Times

Below are the last photos of the sail bag and contents that appear to have been mislaid. Can you help with finding them please?
The is a £25 reward any member who can lead Andy Forshaw to the recovery of these sails, we can then forward them on to the buyer without further delay.

Picnic Benches

Most members to the club last week will have noticed the new picnic benches which are now in position in front of the club building. There are six new units in total of with one unit designed to accommodate wheel chair or a child’s buggy at either end. 
The bench seating is of the fold-up type. When members are finished at the table would you kindly pop up the bench seat to allow rain water to run off. 
The benches arrived in flat-pack form and we have to thank Peter Davies, Keith Williams, Paul Oliver and Richard Jones for taking a few hours to assemble the furniture and to make them ready to use. Thank you gentlemen.

Patrol Boats

Currently we have two of our four patrol boats out of commission. It could not have come a worse time, almost in the height of summer and the RYA training course all needing supporting craft. The two boats in question are the XS (Orange Rib) and the AVON (Dark Blue, usually kept in the container).
The XS has what is suspected a maliciously damaged hydraulic steering feed pipe and is proving difficult to repair. The AVON had water in the fuel and in the cylinder head. Both boats are with the marine engineers in Caernarfon for repair, the return date’s are unknown.
So this weekend both the O Boat and the two stoke Humber will be the patrol boats of choice. 
Finally, in a sort of related matter we know that the Llyn Brenig Visitors Centre are now hiring out ‘fishing boat’ for pleasure cruising. Would members be mindful that these boat can be hired out to any paying visitor. 
The occupant(s) may not be boating savvy or understand the rule of power gives way to sail. Give them a wide berth if you can. And if you do happen to notice any collisions with other club boat or cruisers on the moorings, please feel free to report the matter to the OoD without delay.

Lease & Feasibility Study

In the past week we have received a response from our landlord Dwr Cymru / Welsh Water. In their email their lease negotiation team have asked the sailing club to pay for the legal costs to the tune of circa £1500 in order to finalise a lease document. 
The club committee had mixed feelings about this latest news as it was not mentioned in any of the conversations that we have had with Dwr Cymru in the past 15 months. On the other side of the coin we want to draw the lease negotiation to a close, hence mixed feeling and disappointment.
In the first instance we took advise from the RYA Legal team and together the committee contributed suggestions of why we shouldn’t pay this fee. We compiled an email response to the landlords appealing against this charge with supporting information. However we know this will cause another delay in finalising the lease renewal business, but its worth a try rather than just accepting the situation and possibly incurring an un-budgeted cost. 
This further delay may impact on our good progress that we are making without partners in the feasibility study ‘My Leisure Consultants Ltd, who are keen to engage with all stakeholders that may influence the clubs well-being in some shape or form, including Dwr Cymru.
Further up-dates on the progress of both subjects will be circulated were possible.


Latest COVID Update 19th May 2021

The Covid-19 Sub-group agreed that the procedures we used last year remain fit for purpose with a few minor tweaks documented in our latest guidance. We don’t require pre-booking of attendance, and don’t think we are at risk of breaching regulations on numbers of participants. We do need to maintain an attendance log sheet, so we intend to have an Officer of the Day (OOD) each Sunday through the season, even if there is no organised racing. Please continue to find the OOD and report in with your family and any guests on arrival each Sunday. In addition you may wish to scan the NHS Track and Trace QR code which is displayed around the site.

We are asking all members to email in their Covid-19 declaration as per last year, just once for 2021, and to ensure that they advise the OOD and Club Secretary of any change in their Covid status immediately if this occurs. The declaration text is at the end of this bulletin for you to copy and email to if you have not yet done so.

The changing rooms will remain out of use until further notice, and the toilets must continue to operate on the one person or family group in there at a time rule, so please use the traffic cones as set out in the procedures. You will need to arrive ‘beach ready’ and be prepared to travel home wet or change by your car before leaving.

Please do make use of the hand-washing facilities frequently. We have decided to provide liquid soap at each hand basin, but will not be providing towels. In particular, hand-wash before and after going into the training container to fetch sailing equipment.

We agreed that the risk of loaning out club wetsuits, buoyancy aids, helmets etc was low, providing that they were not used again for another week after each use. You will need to ask the OOD on the day if you need something. They will fetch the item(s) from upstairs and you must return the items to the OOD hut at the end of the day. Gear must not be swapped between participants. Please make any requests to the OOD early in the day and well before racing starts, as, if there is racing, they will be very busy from about 11:15 onwards.


4.1 As with all activities, the maintenance of SD2mR is a central component of the government’s approach to fighting COVID-19 and therefore must always be adhered to during the preparation for ‘on the water’ activities and during them.

4.2 All members will be required to complete a declaration regarding their understanding of and commitment to following the Club’s Byelaws and these COVID-19 additional rules and instructions to before they can sail or participate in activities at the club.

4.2 The Secretary will maintain a register of members who have so declared, which will be made available to the Officer of the Day (OOD) on a weekly basis.

4.3 The wording of the declaration, to be copied and pasted into an email is:-

Dear Secretary

I confirm that I have not had any COVID19 symptoms in the last 14 days and have not, knowingly, been in close contact with someone who has. I have not been contacted by Track and Trace and asked to self isolate, nor have I been required to quarantine myself following foreign travel. I will not attend the club if these circumstances change at any time in the future.

I have read and understood the Club’s policies, including the Club’s Byelaws and COVID-19 rules, and agree to comply with them at all times.

I confirm that I am competent to sail, and if dinghy sailing I can reliably and consistently right my boat and rescue myself in the event of a capsize.

If buddy sailing with another member I agree that I will, if necessary, undertake the rescue of the other sailor and I accept that the act of rescuing or being rescued carries a risk of virus transmission.

[Delete as appropriate] I am the lead member for a family group and I have ensured that all members of my family, including those not sailing but attending as helpers or spectators, also understand these guidelines and their responsibility to keep themselves and others safe from virus transmission.



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