Friday 11th March 2022

Racing News

Duty Rota
The duty pages are now open for you to sign up to do your duty for the first half of the season.

Race Report & Results
Sunday 6th March saw a return to sailing with Icebreaker races 1 and 2. It was a lovely spring day,
with a fairly steady force 3 occasionally gusting 4 east wind. Inevitably this meant it was quite shifty
and as usual Llyn Brenig felt degrees colder than elsewhere! Andy Davey (supernova) and Ben
Beachell (solo) did a short 2 lap first race on a simple triangular course utilising the full width of the
lake for a beat (6), a broad reach/run (D) and a fetch back to the start (A). Andy caught Ben at 2 laps
so took the win on handicap. Andrew Roberts (contender) rigged up for the second race, again run as
a 50 minute pursuit on the same course. It didn’t take Andrew long to catch the other two and
comfortably take the win. With enough breeze Andrew could take advantage of the trapeze, but the
wind shifts kept him on his toes! Ben held off Andy for the first 2 laps, but a better course choice by
Andy on the 3rd beat saw him overtake and comfortably take 2nd place.

Health and Safety
Covid measures still apply as detailed in the club email and WhatsApp group chat.
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Club News
Several members of the club attending the Opening-up Working Party, Sunday 27th February. Work
was done on the club house and the area where the cruisers had previously been stored was cleared
of felled timber and readied for use as the main car parking area. The buoys were put out on the lake
in anticipation of a return to racing. Two of the club Xenons were rigged and the Challenger dinghy
assessed for rigging.
The cruiser parking area is to be used as the car park for this season.

Any potential trainee instructors out there?
The Scouts are running an RYA Assistant Instructor course at the club for their members over two
weekends in April, 9-10 and 23-24. They may have one or two places available to club members.
Anyone wishing to take up the offer should contact ASAP.

Committee News
Following the Club AGM Andy Davey has taken up the role of Commodore and Liz Chambers is the
Membership Secretary.


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